Atlanta Retail Consulting Releases New Corporate Website - Press Release

Atlanta Retail Consulting Inc has announced the release of their new WordPress based 2018 corporate website. Pat Fitzpatrick, President & CEO of Atlanta Retail Consulting stated; “We are very proud of our new website. The new site design is better able to highlight our significant capabilities in the retail consulting arena and the update reflects the growth in our product offering. Since inception, our practice has been very well received in the industry. Each year we have continued to broaden our skill-set and offer an increasingly comprehensive array of services.”

Atlanta Retail Consulting provides strategic insight, innovative customized business analysis and operational improvement to retail and consumer products clients, permitting them to increase sales revenue, decrease operating cost, and increase operating margin. A key practice differentiator we possess is the breadth and depth of experience that our retail consultant team has accumulated while working in virtually every retail format. Our retail consultant team boasts over two full centuries of successful retail consulting and retail leadership expertise.