Optimizing Existing Store Operational Procedures

Over the years the members of our consulting team have created and/or refined operating procedures for the majority of retail firms with sales over $300 million. That process was very successful, and very valuable, for the retailers who engaged us. Over time, however, the performance lift gained will decline unless the retailer continually trains their operational staff. This decline typically occurs because of natural turnover, ineffective internal trainers, lack of understanding of how to manage productivity, other “operational fires”, and ineffective performance coaching.

Employee training performed by many retailers is typically insufficient and ineffective. With the elimination of most retail training departments, only limited training staff exist in many retail organizations, if any, and these people are tasked with the daunting challenge of training masses of employees - as best they can. The training approach typically employed today is self-directed E-Training with limited or no follow-up by management.
Given this scenario, Atlanta Retail Consulting has developed a unique approach to assist our retail clients to re-gain, or surpass, the performance levels once achieved by re-training your operational supervision to improve your operating procedures. The approach we are offering is based on the premise that you already have reasonably productive operational procedures and labor standards that approximate Best Practice. This approach is unique in that rather than suggesting a re-do of your procedures, we suggest a focus on re-training your operational team Supervisors and Managers to re-establish a deep understanding of productivity, task organization, and performance coaching utilizing your current procedures and labor standards.

The core functions we suggest for this re-training effort typically include:
  • Receiving
  • Processing
  • Merchandising / stocking
  • Recovery and
  • Price / signage maintenance.

Other functions (e.g. P-O-G maintenance, cycle counts, RTV, special orders/rain checks, etc.) could be added at the retailer’s discretion.

The training flow would include process planning/organization, proper layout, best use of resources/equipment, employing Best Practice procedures, utilizing performance standards, and giving appropriate positive performance feedback.
Deliverables that you could expect from a properly organized re-training effort include:

· Renewed focus on operational excellence

· Faster operational task completion

· Improved awareness of operational productivity

· Lower cost per unit to perform operational tasks

· Improved sales floor/stockroom in-stock condition

· Improved sales floor condition (recovery/signage/fixture placement, etc.)

· Refined / updated operational procedures manual

We suggest that your senior operations management give this approach significant thought. Our team members who would assist you are individuals who have decades of retail training experience and have assisted retailers of all formats to improve their operational performance.
If you have an interest in this approach, please feel free to contact us for a more in-depth, no obligation, discussion at 770-754-5008.