Minimize Payroll Costs, Maximize Productivity Levels

Understanding Your Challenge
Payroll-- the single largest operating expense in retailing -- must be controlled, and it must be controlled without negatively impacting customer service.

Helping You Meet The Challenge
We combine retail business knowledge and reengineering experience with technological ingenuity so you realize significant, measurable savings, while achieving enhanced customer service, associate productivity, and morale. Our practice develops and implements retailer-specific strategies utilizing the most contemporary automated labor scheduling solutions and time and attendance software packages. Our team of retail professionals does more than just automate your current practices. We recommend industry best practices, and we work with managers and associates at every level to
determine the best solutions for your stores and your customers.

Service Approach
Components of a labor management process include:
  • Conduct a focused needs analysis
  • Reengineer necessary processes to Best Practice levels
  • Establish performance standards by key task
  • Install and configure your chosen labor scheduling and time and attendance software
  • Model the installation in various formats and volumes until desired results are achieved
  • Roll out the new procedures and labor management techniques to the chain
  • Train field management to support and maintain the new tools
  • Follow up and refine

Typical Results
An approach that includes a blend of technology and reengineering yields substantial results.
  • Labor costs decline 8 percent to 15 percent
  • Store payroll improves 0.5 to 1.5 payroll percentage points
  • Sales trend increases 1 percent to 3 percent
  • Staff hours match customer traffic patterns
  • The rate of completion for non-selling tasks increases

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