Pharmacy: A Prescription That Works!

The Pharmacy, like most other areas of the store, can be reengineered to reduce operating costs, increase revenue, improve inventory management and improve customer service. By focusing on five critical focal points, retailers can achieve great results in their pharmacy.

1 - Operational Excellence
To optimize operational efficiency, improve customer service, and minimize operating costs, utilize best practices such as:
  • Ergonomic workspace layout
  • "Speed Shelves" and "Fast Mover Endcaps"
  • On-line interpharmacy communications system
  • Prescription sequencing
2 - Staffing and Labor Management
Match staffing level and staffing mix with appropriate customer flow by day of week and hour of day to provide consistent and cost effective service by:
  • Defining and establishing performance standards for each task
  • Ensuring appropriate pharmacist to clerk ratio
  • Implementing automated scheduling

3 - Staff Training
Provide appropriate levels of education, information, and coaching in order to develop the skills of technicians and the effectiveness and service skills of pharmacists. Successful programs include:
  • Contemporary procedures training manual
  • Coaching and leadership training
  • Reward and compensation programs
  • Spirit of continuous improvement

4 - Inventory Management
Improve turns of on­hand inventory, reduce investment in non­productive inventory and improve effectiveness of order process. This can be achieved through:
  • Improving and automating the order process through accurate demand forecasting
  • Proactively utilizing item movement reports
  • Evaluating distribution system needs

5 - Revenue Enhancement
Increase same store weekly script volume and ticket amounts, and improve cross-selling of HBC/GM products with prescription sales. Some approaches include:
  • Synchronizing in-store frequent customer program and pharmacy database
  • Automating the marketing of pharmacy service to targeted health care providers
  • Providing customer reminders for refill or lapsed prescriptions

Typical program results include:
  • Increase in script volume and overall revenue by 8% -12%
  • Improved productivity I scripts per hour
  • Decreased labor costs of 3% - 6%
  • Quantifiable and improved customer satisfaction
  • Improved employee satisfaction and reduced turnover

For more information on this topic contact Pat Fitzpatrick at Atlanta Retail Consulting Inc